I’ve said it before: I LOVE MONTANA! When I first arrived there a day or two before the wedding, smoke filled the sky from the wildfires burning nearby. It was so thick you couldn’t see the rugged mountain range or the blue sky above. I was worried, and I know Mallory and Alex were thinking about it. They had planned their perfect day at the foothills of some of the most beautiful mountains in existence. It was home to Alex and, after moving from picturesque San Francisco, it was now home to Mallory. A place to start their lives including the beginning with their marriage. Sadly, I woke up the morning of the wedding to the same thick haze of smoke. I won’t spoil how the day played out, but I just have to say it again: I love Montana. Thank you to Alex and Mallory for welcoming me into your celebration.

When I set out to tell Jeff and Jessica’s baby story, none of us knew quite what to expect. But isn’t that how it goes with babies… Most importantly, I wanted Jeff, Jessica, and big brother Graham to tell baby Violet their stories before she came into this world. I wanted a baby story that included much more than the moment Violet was born. With that came introductions, an incredible battle fight scene, and loving moments of a family of three- before they became four. Welcome, Miss Violet.

I think the title sums this wedding up appropriately. Despite not feeling super to start the day Jen was absolutely determined in her heart to get married to Breandan and she beautifully did just that. The wedding was so amazing and visually stunning in every way. You could tell they poured their hearts and creativity into this wedding. I wish them nothing but the best going forward and a long and happy marriage!

My dad. My compass. My leader. My go-to guy. My DAD; he’s the one constant presence in my life that I look to for love, friendship, and guidance. This same theme echoed true  on Corinne and John’s day. Their fathers’ love and presence were especially remarkable. Corinne’s father triumphantly walked her down the aisle after surviving stage 4 cancer, while John’s late father looked on from his spiritual home as the newlyweds celebrated their love.

I humbly salute Corinne and John’s fathers. These men helped to raise two warm and compassionate souls that it was a great pleasure to meet.

Standing on the shores of Lake Superior this summer I watched a beaming bride in her wind blown dress step into a canoe, hewn by her father’s own hands, embark upon the shore, and journey uphill to her waiting groom. In the quiet simplicity of Annika and Matthew’s wedding, love was proclaimed true to its complex buoyancy.

Today, as a newly engaged man, Annika’s vows speak to my heart in new ways. I hear in them reminders that “family” takes on new meaning. Empathy and understanding become a bedrock upon which to lean. And to not be defined by love, but to define it. A wedding such as theirs is a rarity, and I consider myself truly blessed to have been a witness.

Meeting with Menia and Terry was like a gust of fresh, summer air had rushed into the coffee shop. All at once witty banter, laughter, and wedding planning were tossed up, twirled around, and set down in our laps. We did our best just to keep up. And on their wedding day, the banter, laughing, dancing, and energy did not stop! Maybe the mother of the bride didn’t end up looking exactly like Beyonce, but no one seemed to mind. Besides, even she couldn’t have out-partied these incredible families.

It’s like I never left! Back in Montana for another picturesque wedding – I really think I could get used to this! This time around Emily and Will profess their love for one another before God and family in the small mountain town of Big Sky at the Soldier’s Chapel. The story of their meeting is serendipitous and lovely. I’d love to tell you the tale, but we have a film to watch! I wish Emily and Will every happiness; they and their families are some of the most kind and genuinely caring folks you could ever be lucky enough to meet. Enjoy New Zealand – hopefully one day my job will take me there, too.

Special thanks to Nicole of Green Door Photography for providing one of the shots! You were wonderful to work with, can’t thank you enough. See you again soon.

I love Montana. This land-locked, mountainous place is where my heart feels most at peace, and I hope one day it will be my home (seasonally speaking). Kimberly, hailing from the island nation of Australia, brought her son and open-hearted spirit to Big Sky country and met Ryan. Together their happiness, love, and close family ties brought Australia and Montana under the same barn roof – under the same Big Sky Love. Cheers to their intercontinental love story.

A special thank you to the wonderfully talented Fran from Fran Ze Photography and Kacie!


Right away we picked up on Aileen and Jimmy’s frequent and easy-going smiles. Their day centered around this pure happiness and energetic love. From the early morning start and into the night, there was no lack of energy: Horns honking, a friendly game of tug o’ war, and no shortage of people singing and dancing (N Sync, anyone?). Smiles for everyone! We couldn’t help but be uplifted by Aileen and Jimmy’s shared joy, and we hope our work continues to bring many more smiles to their faces.

Many thanks to Kirsten from Fab Event Design for planning this wonderful event!

Canada, Minnesota, Arizona: What do they have in common? Mr. and Mrs. Gillis. What do Krystal and Mitch have in common? Laughter that comes from their heart, sheer joy in their youthful love for one another, and a real excitement about their wedding day.  They are certain to have a wonderful future together filled with glee, romance, and love. It was an honor to share in their day.

I’d also like to thank the hard-working staff at the beautiful Depot in Minneapolis as well as Sara Trotter from Lasting Impressions for organizing the Gillis’ memorable day. Finally, it was a pleasure to work alongside Jessica from JM Photography in capturing the many special moments of Krystal and Mitch’s day.