Give A Day

Prologue: It’s funny where motivation and inspiration comes from. It can be a scenic drive through the mountains, a conversation with a friend, or even just a simple walk around your neighborhood. In the past year, I was married to my beautiful wife, and we’ve taken a more active approach to living our lives with intention, with purpose, and to make a difference in other people’s lives. I love what I do because it brings happiness to people and it gives them something timeless, memories to forever look back on and to forever hold onto. I created Sky Focus Films 7 years ago, and it’s become an extension of who I am. I want it to reflect my life and my purpose to live with more intention and have a more positive impact on this community.
Now to the meat and bones (or flowers and petals in the wedding industry). I am giving away a wedding film! I will meet with you, talk about the day, help with the schedule, shoot the day of events, edit it into a beautiful, artistic story, and deliver it to you at no charge. Is there a catch?! OF COURSE!!
I am donating a day of my time, I ask that you do the same. Hence “Give a Day”. Destination Weddings are accepted and welcome! ( this does not cover traditional travel fees)

Here’s the details and how you can win (Just 4 easy steps!)

1. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Look through our site and post your favorite film on Facebook or repost an Instagram film (separate App needed ex: Repost) with a simple reason why you like it, or love it (!), and include #skyfocus and #giveaday. Please tag us so we can see!

3. Submit an inquiry through the contact form and tell us your story. Include what charity you are thinking of donating your time to and why. Include: #giveaday

4. Most importantly: If selected on March 1st, you must be willing to dedicate a #giveaday (a whole day) to volunteering for the charity of your choice or equivalent to a full day (8 hours).

All entries will be put into a drawing and the winner will be randomly selected. That’s it! We will select a winner on March 1st.

Important Tidbit: The winner must complete their day of charitable time prior to the big day and we must be available on the winner’s date. If we are not, another name will be selected.

A couple charities at the top of my list in case you need some ideas, but I prefer you find something close to your own heart and passion.

Arthritis Foundation
Animal Humane Society

— Thank you very much to Athena Pelton Photography for the calligraphy above and of course for our wonderful conversations!

— For all of my currently booked couples, I have something coming for you as well!


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